For the community, from the community

We are delighted to announce that we continue to support local economic development in the local community. At last we have given over $339,000 in funding and our new target is $360,000.

Thank you to our business partners and the Bendigo Bank for making this possible.

About Us

How the Torquay Community Enterprise works

We get our funding from the local community in which we are located.

We deliver this funding back to worthy causes that are helping to improve the quality of life of thousands of local residents. The money stays in the area and contributes to local economic development.

You can support the enterprise, at no cost to yourself, by banking with the Bendigo Bank and simply asking your friendly Bendigo Bank staff to associate your account with TCE. By doing this, you will:

  • return the profits of your banking spend back into the region and the local community.
  • get to choose from a great range of bankingĀ  products at competitive rates which offer local and personalised customer service.

The Torquay branch of the Bendigo Bank contributes the following to the Torquay Community Enterprise:

  • 0.05% of individual banking value for existing Torquay Bendigo Bank customers
  • 0.15% of individual banking value for new customers

These contributions enable us to offer ongoing financial support to community projects in Torquay, Jan Juc and the surrounding district.

For more information on how you can make a difference, however small, in your own community, please contact us

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