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For the community, from the community

We are delighted to announce that we continue to support local economic development in the local community. Since inception, we have distributed $353,997 in grants and sponsorship.

Thank you to our business partners and the Bendigo Bank and their customers for making this possible.

The Torquay Community Enterprise Ltd. (TCE) is an initiative of the Bendigo Bank.

The Torquay Community Enterprise Board recognised the current circumstances call for a more flexible option for community support organisations to gain funding in times of emergencies and are now lunching Community Support Program Organisations can apply to fund projects or programs for over $2,000.

This new program will allow us to respond to the challenges of COVID19 and it will also be good moving forward into the future for other community emergencies or when community capacity building projects are required

Funding is administered by an independent Board of Directors who are all local community members. The enterprise current chair is Magdalena Wheatland. The enterprise funds projects and events that support the following:

  • Families in need
  • Educational opportunities
  • Equity for all abilities
  • Youth programs
  • A better quality of life for our seniors
  • Sport and recreation initiatives
  • Healthy communities in mind, body and spirit
  • The development of local arts and crafts programs
  • Environmental conservation and awareness
  • The promotion of local talent.

Successful grants recipients are required to attend the grant presentation to receive their funds.

What we do

Let’s build great things together

The Torquay Community Enterprise launched towards the end of 2020 with the aim of funding local projects which are run by the community, and are designed to directly benefit the community. It acts as an independent body supporting individuals and families, youth and senior citizens through educational, sporting, arts and environmental initiatives at a grassroots level.


First Year




Community Support Programs


Grants and Comnmunity Support Programs

About TCE

We get our funding from the local community in which we are located.

We deliver this funding back to worthy causes that are helping to improve the quality of life of thousands of local residents. The money stays in the area and contributes to local economic development.

How to apply

For further information on Grants, go the Apply for a Grant page of our website.

Here you can use our online Grants Application Form or alternatively download the form, fill it out and submit it via the portal on our Contact Us page.

Alternatively you can drop your completed application into the Bendigo Bank, Torquay.

Become A Patron

Become a patron and support the local community!

If you do business in Torquay, Jan Juc or the surrounding district, you now have a way of putting something back into the community which supports you and, at the same time, marketing your business or company and the fact that it is locally owned and operated..